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Interview with Bill McCoy

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  • Duration: 8min32sec
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  • Technology: Individualized Learning & Instruction Tools
  • Audience: Education

Bill McCoy is a Regional Manager at FrontRow. We asked him five questions about FrontRow and audio solutions for the classroom.

0:04 - Tell us a little about FrontRow.

1:05 - The FrontRow Juno has been our top classroom amplification system this year. Why is the Juno so popular?

3:12 - Some of the feedback we've received is that customers really like the built-in lesson capture software, which saves having to configure another system. Can you explain what lesson capture is?

5:28 - What are some of the most common mistakes schools can make regarding classroom amplification?

7:02 - If you could give one piece of advice to schools regarding classroom amplification, what would it be?

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