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Upcoming Training / Tierney Summer Camp: Creating VR Lessons  

Tierney Summer Camp: Creating VR Lessons

Session cost per person


With digital literacy becoming an important feature in a school's curriculum, using online tools that promote engagement and creation are imperative.

In this session, aimed for participants who are currently using Google Expeditions in their educational environments, will discuss the advantages of implementing VR in the classroom, share successes in using this technology, provide ideas to enhance your lessons through VR, and demonstrate how teachers and students can author their own virtual photospheres using Google Street View and Tour Creator. *Note - You will need a fully charged smartphone to take photospheres.

To register either click on the session registration button or by email.  We also accept payment via Purchase Order. Please email and we will follow up to complete payment.

Please note: if we receive less than the minimum registrants, we may choose to cancel the event and refund those who have already registered.


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