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Upcoming Training / Tierney Summer Camp: Soundtrap  

Tierney Summer Camp: Soundtrap

Session cost per person


Soundtrap is an easy-to-use, online audio studio...your everywhere studio! Students and teachers can collaborate in a safe classroom, using any device, at any time from any location. While harnessing critical thinking and communication skills through collaborative, creative audio recording projects, Soundtrap bridges the necessary skills for preparing our 21st century learners for a global, connected world.

In this session attendees will participate in hands on creation and collaboration opporunities within the Soundtrap interface. Time will also be spent discussing how Soundtrap can be adapted for different subject areas to meet your school/district needs, wants, and desires for a recording tool in your classroom. Additional free opportunities will also be provided to extent your Soundtrap trial.


• Receive a 6 month trial

• Facilitated by a teacher and Soundtrap Education Specialist

Click here to read how these Wisconsin students used Soundtrap to capture senior citizen stories.

To register either click on the session registration button or by email.  We also accept payment via Purchase Order. Please email and we will follow up to complete payment.

Please note: if we receive less than the minimum registrants, we may choose to cancel the event and refund those who have already registered.


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