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Upcoming Training / Tierney Summer Camp: SMART Learning Suite Refresh  

Tierney Summer Camp: SMART Learning Suite Refresh

Session cost per person

SMART Notebook

As a SMART Certified Training Center, Tierney is offering a SMART Notebook 18 session. Whether you are new to SMART Notebook or have used SMART Notebook for years and want to learn about the new updates, this session is for you.

During this session, we will review the interactive features of SMART Notebook, explore the updated resources on SMART Exchange, and spend time creating an engaging activity for your students.

To register either click on the session registration button or by email.  We also accept payment via Purchase Order. Please email and we will follow up to complete payment.

Please note: if we receive less than the minimum registrants, we may choose to cancel the event and refund those who have already registered.


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