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Upcoming Training / Technology Showcase: Using SMART’s Solutions For Design Review For Architects, Engineers and Construction Industry  

Technology Showcase: Using SMART’s Solutions For Design Review For Architects, Engineers and Construction Industry

Ever envisioned the benefits of having more productive design review sessions where the right decisions can be reached right away? So were we!

In fact, architecture, engineering and construction companies can achieve increased income, reduced costs and payback their investment within one week of implementation.

How? A research study conducted by the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford University shows that using SMART collaboration solutions can help companies increase their net income by almost 20 percent and realize a payback on their investment within one week of implementation. The economic impact study focused on construction and design companies and outlines how these organizations were able to increase net income by reducing costs.  Click Here to view the Infographic.

Attend one of our Technology Showcase sessions on February 26 to discover the additional benefits of using SMART’s visual collaboration solutions in your review sessions include:

  • ·         Faster communication among project stakeholders
  • ·         More engage team members
  • ·         Better understanding of client requirements
  • ·         Shorter project meetings
  • ·         Accelerated time to market

Leading Design Review Applications with SMART Plug-ins

During our showcase, our guest speakers from SMART Technologies will show you how SMART’s visual collaboration solutions enhances leading design review applications to drive to the end user benefits as highlighted above. Not using Tekla? SMART has a plug-in for four industry applications and works out-of –the-box with 12 other applications.  Click on the other leading applications to see other integrations.

According to the Stanford study, the use of SMART’s visual collaboration solution with design review software helps general contractor companies save cost of approximately $3 million and helps design companies save costs of up to and $300,000. Results show that the estimated payback on an investment in SMART collaboration solutions ranged from one week to less than two months.  

Register today!

Content of both session will be identical

Brunch will be provided for the morning session and refreshments for the afternoon session



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