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Google Listenwise

The Power of Listening

Listenwise does the hard work of finding the podcasts that will work best in the classroom. We create curriculum-­aligned collections that illustrate the topics you need to teach. As well as selecting a daily current event to make it easy to bring the outside world into the classroom. All of them are tagged and searchable to find just the right piece when you need it!

√ Current Events


√ Science

√ Social Studies

Embedded formative listening assessments

Listenwise embeds our assessments with our lesson resources to make it easy to gather insights to guide improvements in the ongoing teaching and learning. Our formative assessments are part of the curriculum collections for easy integration into instruction without additional testing time.

Progress monitoring by listening skill

Listenwise designed our unique assessments to measure 8 different aspects of listening comprehension. Our user­-friendly reports will show you how students are performing by listening strands. View aggregate data for school or classroom or drill down to see a detailed view of a single student.

1. Introduce

  • Present the story and learning objectives to activate student knowledge
  • Build necessary background

4. Explore

  • Explore language
  • Explore content
  • Get students talking and thinking

2. Listen

  • Listen as a whole class to scaffold and discuss
  • OR Listen individually
  • OR Listen to different stories

5. Assess

  • Assess listening comprehension through quizzes
  • OR Check for understanding with constructed response assignments

3.  Support

  • Support students who need help
  • OR Enhance literacy impact of everyone's listenting experience

Google Listenwise

Google Listenwise

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