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Google Media Literacy Apps Bundle

Evaluate and think critically about multmedia with scrible and Frontier

Get visibility into the research & writing process.  Use analytics for personalized learning.

Class Structure

Group your students into classes and sections to match the way you teach in real life.  Easily invite students to you classes and sections using a class invite code or by email.

Class Library

You get a Class Library for every class/section you teach.  Every student in a class automatically has access to it.  Class Libraries are a powerful mechanism to quickly share class readings and research sources with the whole class.

Google Classroom Sync

scrible Edu integrates with Google Classroom.  With a few clicks, you can import your classes, sections and students into scrible Edu and keep them in sync with changes made in Google Classroom.

Sign up and sign in with your Google account. No separate password to remember.

Use the Chrome Extension to work with online articles while browsing the Web.

Search and insert annotations and citations into papers with the scrible Writer Google Docs Add-on.

Create papers in Google Drive from within
scrible and view them in your scrible Library.

Sync your classes with Google
Classroom to get started quickly.

Real world non-fiction texts facilitate writing as a response to reading

Frontier gives teachers high quality lessons that build better writing skills through curated, real world non-fiction resources.

Each lesson includes writing tasks and an embedded DOK 4 level assessment that requires students to synthesize learnings from multiple sources.

Leveled texts and supports to reach all students

With many different learning needs in a classroom, Frontier provides resources for students on, below and above grade level within the same lesson.

This makes it easy for teachers to meet students at their level while teaching the whole group.

Customizable lessons aligned to your district’s needs

Each lesson is aligned to state standards, and teachers can create new lessons using our research-backed framework.

Teachers can also add or remove activities and edit rubrics to tailor the lesson for their students.

Google Media Literacy Apps Bundle

Google Media Literacy Apps Bundle

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