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Google Explain Everything

Explain Everything for the classroom.
Teach.  Learn.  Empower.

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Interactive learning.

Create collaborative learning experiences where students and teachers can share thoughts and ideas in real-time.



Instruct in real time.

Create presentations that move at the modern speed of learning. Use video, notation, and audio recording to bring your instruction to life.



Students as teachers.

Strengthen leadership and collaboration skills by giving students the tools to create and share their own tutorials, animated stories, and presentations.

Learn beyond boundaries.

Advanced features allow users to customize experiences for any and every age level and engage students with new ways of learning.

Interactive tools.

Allow students to actively engage in the learning process.

Cloud capabilities.

Enable students and teachers to take their learning on the go.

Live collaboration.

Lets students share thinking and curiosity in real time.


Teaching that sticks.

Make every activity compelling with easy-to-create videos and interactive experiences. Start from a blank canvas or prepare materials in advance, with the option to provide verbal or visual feedback and adjust content on-the-fly.

Google Explain Everything

Google Explain Everything

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