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Dynamic, Integrated Classroom Technology

K-12 Education

It's more than putting tablets in the students' hands, or installing the latest technology in the classroom. Integrating technology into education begins long before the first piece of hardware is purchased. From planning through installation and training, Tierney Brothers has extensive experience working with K-12 schools and districts to implement technology that fits the curriculum, staff and budget needs.

Interactive Solutions

Technology is a tool. In the classroom it functions to help teacher and student communicate, collaborate and learn. The question is, what tool do you need? What problem do you want to fix? And what else is on your toolbox?

Before we begin to talk about product, and where you want technology to take you, we need to talk about where you are.

  • What infrastructure is in place?
  • How knowledgeable is your staff?
  • What tech support is available?
  • What curriculum goals do you want to meet?
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Before you make the capital investment in thousands of mobile devices — let's make sure you have the mobility network capabilities to use them. Let's talk about how they'll integrate with the technology and platforms already in place. Tell us what you hope to achieve — and we'll help you determine the best way to achieve it.

Inspired Collaboration:

TECHNOLOGY IS A TEAM EFFORT. Every member of the team brings unique perspectives and expertise to the project. Working together, with teachers, administrators and staff, we'll assess your needs and plan your integration.

Your team will bring intimate knowledge of your unique situation.

  • What is the history of tech in your district?
  • Who are the champions and leaders of technology at your school?
  • Who needs extra professional development and ongoing support?

First we listen, then we apply our expertise.

As part of the wider community of education and technology experts in the Midwest, we have industry and manufacturer certifications at every level including dealership status, trainers, educational consultants, and technicians. We're keyed in to emerging trends and in contact with leaders in the industry.

Finally, your community and your students round out the team. Parents, Parent-teacher orgs and school boards are active participants in the process. Together we'll craft the solution that speaks to every stakeholder.

Improved Performance:

Technology is the vehicle, not the destination. A successful implementation doesn't end when the last device is installed, or the final app downloads. How is the technology serving the core curriculum, or the standards in place at your school? Are the teachers embracing and utilizing the technology? Has a successful implementation set the stage for future upgrades and improvements?

Tierney Brothers offers on-boarding, training, ongoing support and feature proofing for your technology implementations and upgrades

What do you want to accomplish?

  • Improve test scores
  • Scale for the future
  • Improve engagement in the classroom
  • Attract and retain the best staff
  • Maximize your investment
  • Bridge the achievement gap


We get it.Tierney Brothers has dedicated personnel including account and support representatives, integration specialists and technicians that work exclusively with our K-12 clients. We also employ personnel with degrees and/or previous experience directly in the education field.

K-12 education technology is an exciting, growing field right now, one that we're excited to be a part of and provide leadership in. Let's talk about the future of technology for your school.

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