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For public and military sectors, SMART makes collaboration interactive and engaging.  No matter what it's used for, training purposes, team collaboration or to command & control, SMART provides hands-on technology to streamline government decision-making.



Interactive content available anywhere


Whether you're looking for an interactive flat panel, conferencing software, or a SMART Room System, a SMART Visual Collaboration Solution provides the results you need.  Increase productivity, create a legacy of progress and accelerate communication with anyone, anywhere using a combination of SMART products.






Prepare your team with effective, realistic training.  Proper training ensures team members will be better equipped to make quick decisions in a time of need.


Real world scenarios

A natural, interactive training experience using touch gestures builds confidence and self-esteem, preparing personnel for fast, effective responses in real world scenarios.


Train remote participants

Training can be delivered in real-time, regardless of a participant's location, allowing you to train anyone, anytime and anywhere with digitally interactive content.


Retainable information

A media-rich experience allows participants to annotate over documents and software applications, giving a hands-on approach to training that's memorable.





When all members are engaged and involved, it increases productivity and streamlines decision-making, allowing you to achieve your desired goal faster.


Increased productivity

The sum of all parts involved are greater than each part individually.  Real-time collaboration adds to team chemistry and delivers results with synergy.


Seamless content sharing

Regardless where your participants are, in-room or remote locations, the content can be shared and annotated over instantly.


Engage participants

Participants can interact with the multimedia content using their finger, palm and pen tool, allowing them to become fully involved.




Command & Control

Connect with critical resources, decipher information and quickly communicate with those in a crisis situation.


Immediate response

Rapid communication is essential in a crisis situation when every second counts.  Technology needs to be dependable, working fast to achieve your goal.


Interact with information

Ink over documents using the pen tool.  Zoom, flick and rotate objects using your fingers.  Erase mark-ups with your palm.  Take control of the information and own the presentation.


Accelerated decision-making

When content is shared in real-tim with all parties involved, decisions can be made quickly, with little time spent waiting for important figures to respond to information.