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Tierney Works with International Dairy Queen for the Relocation of their Corporate Headquarters

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When International Dairy Queen (IDQ) decided to move the location of their franchisee support center and corporate headquarters, Tierney helped to make sure their new space was both collaborative and engaging for their employees. The new IDQ offices are located on three floors of the 8000 Tower in the Normandale Lakes Office Tower complex in Bloomington, Minn. The new location boasts beautiful views of Normandale Lake.

As part of their relocation strategy IDQ felt it was important to improve communications with employees and promote their brand in a more visually exciting way. Thirteen Bright Sign digital signage players with Reach Content Management were installed throughout the building to achieve their goal.

The IDQ first floor space includes a multipurpose room (MPR) that is used as a large training room, when in a combined state, and as three individual meeting spaces, a work lounge, a sensory room and an open meeting space, when divided. In addition to the multipurpose space the first floor also includes labs and an equipment testing room.

The first floor space features several different display technologies providing ideal viewing for different scenarios. When used as a large training space, there are two 165” direct view seamless LED walls in custom display surrounds by Leon Speakers. These Edge Media Frames artfully frame all sides of the displays while neatly concealing the mounting and wirin
g. Inspired by midcentury media furnishings, the Edge Media Frame is handcrafted out of solid hardwood and can encase any TV (single, dual or video wall applications) and a custom built soundbar in one simple design. 
The work lounge features a large 98” LED monitor which can also be used as a supporting monitor when the work lounge is combined with the other spaces. The sensory room has a recessed electric screen with a ceiling mounted 8k lumen laser projector on a projector lift.

Entering floors 7 and 8 of the office space, visitors notice that all of the door handles are in the shape of large red Dairy Queen® spoons, and much of the wallpaper has discrete ice cream cones hidden in the patterns. These and many more subtle details are what truly make this new workspace a Dairy Queen space. On these two floors you will find many hybrid offices, huddle rooms and medium conference rooms. Each is outfitted with a fully integrated audio visual system featuring presentation and audio/video conferencing capabilities. Each room also has a Crestron Mercury, the all-in-one table top conferencing unit that features built in microphones, speakers, touch panel control, wireless presentation gateway, and connections to a peripheral display and camera.

The large conference rooms, like all of the conference rooms in the new IDQ office space, are named after Dairy Queen food and treats and are outfitted with a fully-integrated audio/visual system featuring presentation and audio/video conferencing capabilities. Each room features a large 86” display at the front of the room. The display resides within a custom surround with integrated sound bars. For control of the system, a 10” touch panel was installed at the head of the table on a rotating swivel mount. The touch panel functions include the ability to: turn the system on/off, move the volume up/down,  mute/unmute the microphone, select the source for the display, control the camera, raise/lower the shades and lighting and perform audio conferencing dialing.

The executive conference room, which has a magnificent view of Normandale Lake, is also outfitted with a fully-integrated audio-visual system featuring presentation and audio/video conferencing capabilities. Unique to this meeting room is its large 110” seamless LED wall display at the front of the room. The display resides within a custom surround with integrated sound bars and a space for the room’s VC camera. This room is also controlled by a 10” touch panel.