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Tierney Brothers Corporate Capabilities

Corporate Capabilities

We believe technology should allow you to do your business – only better. Whether it means improving communication and work processes, or upgrading your display systems to reflect your best self – technology design and integration can seriously affect your bottom line.

Interactive Solutions

Over time, as your business grows, your technology needs change.
And while your needs change, technology continues to evolve. You know your business – let us help you understand how integrating collaboration technology solutions can help you evolve.

Before we can design a solution, we need to better understand your challenges.

  • What are your communication and collaboration priorities?
  • What systems are in place, and which need replacing?
  • How can you improve communications in your office and throughout your company?
  • Is your company brand and image adequately represented by your technology?

Corporate Communication is more than just talking

It’s the effectiveness of your presentation or collaboration session, the first impression when a client enters the lobby, and the way you conduct business. It's what known as Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C). We make sure your message is on target with high-value support and integration technology solutions and support.

Inspired Collaboration:

In business, collaboration is how works get done – and meetings are where decisions are made.
There’s a time and place for face-to-face, but often the need for meetings and working sessions arise unexpectedly, or can be handled remotely.

  • Do you spend excessive time and money on travel for meetings?
  • Are you tolerating redundancies and inefficiencies in the transfer
    of files and information?
  • Is there a better way to collaborate on projects and planning?

Improve your communications and work processes through the use of innovative technology, like interactive displays and other collaboration tools.

You can further engagement through visually stunning display systems and conference rooms. You can create an environment where sound and vision communicate more than your message, they elevate your brand and the image of your company.

Technology can improve your business in so many ways – the hardest questions are:

Where do I start?
What are my goals?
What do I want?

Improved Performance:

Integrating technology effectively doesn’t end when the last wire is connected, it’s also an ongoing process. Through training and support, Tierney Brothers works not only with your IT department, but with the people who actually use the technology so that their comfort level and confidence encourages use, and brings about the desired results.

What are those results?

New Efficiencies. Better Workflow. Improved communications.

It’s difficult to attribute hard numbers to these things, but any leader knows they affect the bottom line.
It’s not only about cost-savings, it’s also about changing the paradigm of how you do business,
and how you can leverage your technology systems to work for you.


We get it.Tierney Brothers' Professional Development Department has dedicated personnel to provide custom training on both the hardware and software we provide. Our account and support representatives, integration specialists, and technicians work exclusively with our corporate and government clients during and after installation and integration.

Collaboration technology is an exciting, growing field right now, one that we're excited to be a part of and provide leadership in.

Let's talk about the future of technology for your organization.

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