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Business Collaboration Update 7-30-13

Using SMART's Solutions for Design Review for Architects, Engineers and Construction



Tierney Brothers recently hosted a series of seminars at our headquarters in Minneapolis focused on the use of SMART solutions for Design Review.  Hosted by SMART's Market Development Manager Andy Ebbern, the seminars were a huge success!


The new focus by SMART comes on the heels of an economic impact study conducted by the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford University which showed that using SMART collaboration solutions can help companies increase their net income by almost 20 percent and realize a payback on their investment within one week of implementation.


Photos of the seminars:




SMART Releases Meeting Pro Version 4.0 Software

SMART's collaboration and meeting productivity software which runs on SMART Board® interactive flat panels and SMART Board interactive whiteboards has received a new version update.


Enhancements and updates include:

  • Unbound Whiteboard, a brand new user interface
  • Substantial performance improvements
  • A customizable Business Gallery
  • Support for the latest SMART interactive products.


More Info & Video:  Click Here


Blog Post 

Identifying Power Users/Collaboration Specialists within your organization

Do you have multiple conference rooms with different types of technology?
Do you want to make your meetings more effective and efficient?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, keep reading.


It is important to identify a collaboration specialist(s) to help you maximize the use of your technology and to ensure your investment. A collaboration specialist can help you identify weaknessness in technology proficiency which will lead to more effective and efficient meetings. In turn, this person will play a vital role in your technology planning because they have accurate information on how your employees are using technology.


Send out a recruitment email describing what this role will entail (this may differ between organizations) and what they will get out of it. Depending on how much technology you have and how many employees you have to train, this new role may add an additional few hours weekly or monthly. The collaboration specialist should be someone who is committed to using technology, willing to train others and possibly an added title to their position or an incentive- money, gift cards, etc. After all, they will be able to show a return on your investment. If you are part of a larger organization, it might be best to identify multiple collaboration specialists. Choosing people from various departments will help to ensure the technology is used in various ways. It will also provide more specialis to be available for questions. The collaboration specialist should NOT be someone in a managerial role, or in a role where they are deploying software (i.e. information technology). The best collaboration specialist is someone who is in a role that uses the conference room, for example, as their daily or weekly meeting space. A person from information technology would be a great resource for the collaboration specialist, but often times is put in a position to train users on software programs that they don't use on a consistent basis.


Give them support! Give them the tools they need to be successful. You may even set up an advanced training program for them from a technology firm. A collaboration specialist can learn to create a training program for employees- providing videos, cheat sheets, and quick tutorials to end users. They may also create formative and summative assessments for employees to obtain information on how they are using the technology. As their manager, you can use that information to evaluate your ROI and future technology investments. If you have invested in technology and want to ensure it is being used to its fullest potential, then you should identify a collaboration specialist within your organization.